Whether you’re vacationing on the Texas coast for the first time, are a seasoned offshore veteran, or are somewhere in between, Texas Offshore Safaris wants to help you fully experience and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico, an incredible natural resource. We offer offshore fishing trips, near-shore fishing trips, dolphin watching trips, bird watching trips (in season), and other coastal excursions, custom tailored to your needs.

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Compared to the eastern Atlantic coast or the western Pacific coast, the northern Gulf of Mexico and its Texas coastline, are perhaps the most under-rated coastal recreational areas in the United States. Those unfamiliar with the “third coast” often view this 615,000 square mile portion of the Atlantic as murky, polluted and devoid of sea life.  However, those who have taken the time to venture 15 to 20 miles offshore in the “GOM”, as we like to call it, have been pleasantly surprised to find that it contains beautiful blue water and a  myriad of diverse sea life.

Annually, the GOM yields a commercial harvest of finfish, shrimp, and shellfish that exceeds the south and mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake and New England areas combined. Little wonder then that the GOM is home to twenty-nine species of marine mammals including nineteen species of whales and nine species of dolphins.  Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species also call the GOM home including the loggerhead, leatherback, green, Kemp’s ridley, and hawksbill turtles.   More than 200 species of game fish including those most popular for recreational fishermen, can be found in abundance near offshore oil platforms, wrecks, rocks and reefs.

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